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The Proof is in the Pudding

Our Associates have helped countless clients find solutions to their HR organisational challenges. Read on to learn what our clients have to say about their experiences working with us. If you would like to learn more about what we can do for your business, get in touch with us today to schedule a free introductory consultation.

I worked with Lindsey for many years. Throughout some very turbulent times she was an oasis of calm and smart pragmatism. She manages to pull off that most difficult of balancing acts for an HR executive; consummate professionalism, compassion, honesty and integrity. She was a huge asset to our team.

Business Consultant, NED and Trustee

I worked with Carole on a large-scale transformation project at TI Media and her skill set was invaluable in helping teams re-orientate themselves, their workflows and processes. Carole is empathetic, supportive and direct, brilliant qualities to help navigate the complex world of change! One of her key focus areas is the mental health of both individuals and organisations - never more of the moment than now. I heartily recommend Carole.

 Chief Content Officer

Lindsey was my go-to HR consultant when discussing restructures, processes and policy to fairly determine staff needs for the business. She was a calm and supportive counsel to me and others in our business for a range of HR questions and issues. I would say she has a strong sense of fairness to safeguard between employee and employer; a really important quality to make sure everyone gets fair treatment. I highly recommend working with Lindsey.


With Carole's guidance, I've been able to tackle many challenging situations and truly deliver on the business needs. Carole has an incredibly personable manner and always goes above and beyond - volunteering at SHOUT is a small snap shot of this quality. Most recently Carole has trained me, and many others within the business, to become MHFA England Mental Health First Aiders. Her experience and guidance allowed us to understand some very difficult subject matters, to learn how to react and most importantly be there to help when a vulnerable person needs it most. I couldn't recommend Carole highly enough, a true professional with a heart of gold, and I'm honoured to have had the pleasure of working with her.

 Commercial Director

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